Dan Ruth - Among the Collectors

Dan Ruth - Among the Collectors

Sunday, May 1, 2011

East River Fondue Park

Yes, the "Brooklyn Flea" has snuggled in on Williamsburg's East River State Park. I've been there nearly every Sunday and each week it all seems quite the same. The crowds are large and between the new Brooklyn Flea and the Etsy-style “Artists and Fleas,” there is plenty of food. Albeit good food, but more food than treasure, as far as I could see. It should also be mentioned that with that food comes both a high price and a long-ass line. Look, I'm a flea market whore and not a neighborhood explorer looking for hipster cuisine and organic green tea ice milk. I want merch and lots of it. If you are a true flea market fan, then sad to say but the Williamsburg wing of the Brooklyn Flea is a real let-down. I did notice that there was a dealer from the Chelsea flea’s 25th Street Garage, selling his items in BKNY now. When I ask him about the move, he stated the closeness in proximity to where he lives, the fresh air and all of the “kids.” The sad reality for me was that I never bought from him in Chelsea either. His items all seem bulky and too Mid-century for my taste. As always, I look for items within my collecting zone: Victorian to Edwardian, including the Industrial Revolution (1860 to 1928). There is none of that in Williamsburg. There seems to be no real Collectibles dealers there, only artisans, print-makers and people who like to set up faux living rooms of orange plastic furniture and those who like to paint and destroy old wood. Yes, the Brooklyn Flea has caught “Etsy Fever” as well. A note to self: stick to Chelsea where the price might be higher, but the items at least have some dust on them and some history to the touch. Sad to say but I don’t think the Fondue Pot I saw will sell for much, as long as it’s usurped by that spectacular view on Manhattan, that Fondue Pot will be back again and again and again. I might not be back but I’m sure that it will be there next time. More bitching later.

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