Dan Ruth - Among the Collectors

Dan Ruth - Among the Collectors

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Wave Whimsey Photo Series

This is a first of a series of photos I took this Christmas here in Brooklyn, in Delaware and at Longwood Gardens, the former estate and "living legacy" of Pierre DuPont. The estate, a sprawling ten acre stretch of gardens & lit pathways, is in Pennsylvania, just over the Delaware border. Although all photos come from life and are beautiful on their own, I wanted to play with colors and shapes. The distorted wave-like shapes and "oil slick" colors are meant to tickle the eye and pull focus, directly to the inner eye. Some say that treating the eyes to bright & vivid color, can help with winter depression, or the "winter blues." Of course, these photos are freakier and more fun when you see them up close and larger-than-life, so feel free to click on your favorite for a closer look. Some of the original photos are below the photos to the right. Enjoy. D.

Snowfall by Streetlight


Chrome Wave

Cactus Wave

Rust Wave

Shadows on Tree

Birdhouse Vertigo

Oncoming Traffic

Wild Yellow Berries

Christmas Trees

Japanese Trees

Bark Wave

Night Garden

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