Dan Ruth - Among the Collectors

Dan Ruth - Among the Collectors

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear Jesus, Is This Thing On?

Here's a brief conversation between an eBay mamber and myself. I didn't expect this response at all. I was just making light. Umm. . .so yeah. . .

Him) Hello, I’m a senior admiring your great pieces. Can remember when carnival glass was a prize at the local amusement park when we were kids...Liked it then and still do...Does any of your pieces glow at all in complete darkness? I remember my grandmothers rosary beads did for about 15 minutes after all the lights were shut off..as kids that was real magic for us.....I may want to bid and will watch this for a while...Are you able to wait until Dec. for payment? Let me know...Thank you and good luck.....Great Items.

Me) Hello and thank you! I've personally never seen any Carnival Glass glow like that, although it sounds really cool. I'm certain however, that unlike Vaseline Glass which contains Uranium and only glows under a black light, your Grandmother's rosary beads contained phosphorescent particles that allowed it to maintain light briefly, even after the lights went out. Either that or she's got some mighty powerful friends upstairs! I don't mind waiting until Dec. for a payment at all. Regards, D.

Him) Thank you for your trust...according to a PHD friend of the family, (upstairs) as we all refer to it ...really is the sub atomic level, where everything is alive and moving even that chair you are sitting on…and nothing can be created or destroyed and is eternal. The source of all power...that would not have surprised my grandmother at all. To her, everything was a miracle.

Me) Okay! Thank you for your interest! D.

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